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List of free Resources to get Market/Company related data

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

In my initial days of investing, I wished I had access to resources that can help me track companies better. Over time I have got to know some of these free resources which I would be sharing in this blog.


1. Export of Cotton Home textile from India

The US govt shares the data on import of various Home textile from multiple countries. The Data comes WITH A LAG Of about a month.

To access the data, click on the link:

In the home textile, India exports Cotton bedsheet, pillow, quilts etc

Once you click on the link, goto the bottom of the page where you can see: “Made-Ups“. Here you can see all the products. Fig.1 shows how it will look like.

Now, lets click on the value for ‘Cotton Sheets’ Fig. 2 will appear.

Fig.1- Data for Made-Ups

Fig.2 - How to read Otexa Data

Companies that can be tracked:


2. Iron Ore Prices

Iron Ore prices: Link

Although, domestic Iron ore prices vary from the international prices but trend more or less remain the same.

Fig.3 Iron Ore Pries

Companies that can be tracked:


3. Hot-Rolled Coil Steel Prices

Indicator of Steel Prices. 

You can check the US Steel prices here: Link

Again, the domestic prices is different from the international prices but the trend remains the same.

Companies that can be tracked:

All steel company such as Tata Steel, JSW Steel, APL Apollo etc


4. Copper Prices

Copper Prices: Link

Similar to Iron ore, you can change the location to find out the prices in various region.

In addition to that, you can find the historical prices trend by first choosing ‘Historical‘ and then the ‘Date Range

Fig.4 Historical Copper Prices

Companies to be tracked:

Polycab, Havells etc


5. SENSEX PE Ratio

The Price to Earnings(P/E) ratio of Sensex tells about the valuation level of overall market. 

To get the data, Click on the link: Link

There Click on ‘2021-2022’. At the bottom of the page, you would see the Months for the FY22 i.e. May 21 & Apr 21. 

Click on May 21. Here you can see the PE ratio, PB ratio & Dividend Yield of the market.

Fig.5 SENSEX PE Ratio


6. Prices of Commodity Chemicals

One can obtain historical data of Hydrogen Peroxide from Indian Govt website

At the bottom of the page you will find Wholesale Price Index. Select the period and click to search data.


Here, you can find huge list of product. You can just search the product you want to know about and click on it.

Fig.6. Snippet of list of items covered

For example I chose, Carbon Black, I can get the data in the below format:

Fig.7 Carbon Black Prices

Companies that can be tracked:

The list if huge and so does the companies corresponding to it.

For eg: Phillips Carbon Black would correspond to Carbon Black


7. Compilation of All international Business/Market related news article


8. Getting Updates on the Companies You are tracking

We track or invest in a number of companies. Being abreast with the development in the company is very important. Visiting BSE/NSE site for each information becomes cumbersome.

The easy solution:

Step 1: Goto the website:

Step 2: Register there.

Step 3: Search for the company:

For example I chose ‘ CreditAccess Grameen Ltd’. At the right end corner, there is an option to follow the company.(Shown in the image below)

Now, you whenever you visit the homepage of with your registered profile, you would get the latest filing update of the company.

In the same manner you can follow 50 companies in the free version.


Screenshot showing the updates of different company


9. Sectors doing well in the US Market


10. Listen to Conference call/ Webinar of Companies

You can follow certain channels on Youtube:


11. List of companies filed for DMF i.e. application for approval of API for the US market


12. FDA Approved drugs


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