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StockEdge- One of India’s best Stock market analytics app

Before investing in any company, a lot of research is required. We need to do the fundamental analysis to check how the company has performed in the recent past. One needs to do their home work before putting in their hard-earned money to work. It might seem a lot to do, but with a wide variety of applications available in the market, they make the work relatively easier. One such app I would suggest is StockEdge. I have written a brief about the apps including StockEdge in one of my earlier blogs.

I will walk you through the important features that can be used by you in your analysis.

Let us discuss about its tools-

StockEdge-Daily Update

Its important to keep a tab on whats going on in the investment world. The daily update section will be of help in this regard.

 This section is divided into:

  1. Announcements 

  2. Forthcoming events 

  3. Corporate events 

  4. Bulk and block deals

  5. Results of companies listed in NSE and BSE etc. 

With a small brief about those events, one can quickly scan through the important news.


The “Stocks” section of StockEdge gives us quick information about a particular Company in less than 5 minutes which includes:

  1. Day’s price chart for that particular company’s share

  2. Percentage of volume Traded Vs Delivered (Traded would usually mean intraday transactions, implying buying & selling on the same day & Delivered would mean how many bought on full payment of cash & has been held fore more than 1 day)

  3. Returns given by the stock in various time frames (1 Week/1 month/1 year…..)

  4. Most important would be the Fundamentals: Here you check Sector, Website, Financial Ratios, Deals, Announcements by the company etc

  5. Another cool feature is the addition of targets using which you can set a price. And when the stock hits that price you use to take a decision on buying/selling of that particular stock.


Figure 2

On clicking on any of the graphs, detailed numbers pops up. If one clicks on the Net Sales on Figure 1, the details number comes up as shown in Figure 2.

Another feature of this app is to get a sense on what institutional investors are doing.

The selling and buying activities of these institutes can be tracked here.

Whether these investors are taking out money from the market or putting it into the market gives a good indication on the future market movements.

Institutional Activity

Trading Tools

The Scan section is primarily targeted at traders. The “scans” section have more than 50 varieties of scan. It consists of all types of scans such as price scans, volume and delivery scans, technical scans, fundamental scans, futures scans, options scans and candlestick scans.

If you are a trader you can take advantage of scans like moving average, Relative Strength Index, Money Flow index etc. 

The next section is Industry or Sector specific research with the help of StockEdge. All the companies are categorized accordingly.

You can find which stocks are gainers or losers of that particular sector.

 You can filter out the  stocks sector wise as well.


Customization Available

My StockEdge

One can also customize StockEdge according to their requirements. You can add your favorite stocks or scans under this section and keep track of it on daily basis.

Let’s see how you can do this:-

My Watch lists: Here you can add the stocks which you want to track on daily basis. You can create a list of that and track all the information related to it.

My Investor Groups:  You can keep track of what your favorite investors or investor groups are buying or selling under this section.

My targets: You can also set your stock targets in this section and see the stocks which have achieved the target and which have not.

My accounts: Here you get full information about your account.

Combination Scans: When you filter out the stocks using various scans, for some, it may be fundamental, for some it may be technical and for others, it might be a combination of both. StockEdge provides a feature where you can combine many scans, from your own strategy and filter out the stocks on the basis of your strategy.

They also provide a paid feature of StockEdge where you have to become part of the StockEdge club.

Apart from using these features, you can also learn about various topics related to the market through StockEdge. 

There are numerous pre-recorded videos available in the “learn” section of StockEdge which will tell you about various aspects of Stock Market. This section also contains videos available on how to use the app..

To be honest, it really makes things easier for retail investors as a goto research tool.

You can download here at iOS version of StockEdge. 

You can download here at android (Google Play Store) version of StockEdge.

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