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About me


My name is Shekhar & I am from a small town in Bihar, Purnea to be specific, at present residing in Bangalore. I am a regular guy incorporated with parental expectations. So like most of my friends, I completed my schooling, went to Kota, prepared for engineering and secured an admission in an engineering college in Bangalore.

But, When you are meant to do something, it will find you one way or another.

Whoever has said this about destiny, might be correct in his own thought, for me it turned out to be true, as till the time I got into college, I neither had any clue about stock markets, nor was remotely related to this the world through any of my distant relatives.

It was only during the third semester in Engineering that I overheard a Guajarati guy in our class discuss about stocks and that intrigued me. After few discussion with him, I became so fascinated about the world of stock market that I decided to gather more knowledge about this and in the process realized that this is what I want to do in life. I started with lots of experimentation trying to understand the market, read lots of books, annual reports and continue to do so on a daily basis.

Meanwhile I went for my Masters in Finance from Virginia Commonwealth University, USA. After this had a brief stint in investment banking and private equity.

Although the job did prove a scope to hone my skills but soon I realized that to fulfill my burning ambitions, I need to spread my wings. I know, it sounds quite simple  but planning and living it is a lot more challenging.

This blog is an extension of my learning and thoughts.


You can reach me at :

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