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5 Best Stock Market App To Get In 2018 to help you keep track of the Stock Market

If we are investing in stock market, tracking certain stocks or want to keep abreast with the latest development in the market, these are 5 Best Stock Market App To Get In 2018  that will help you to do so.

These are the 5 Cool apps helping you to track stock market. All these apps are available on Android smartphones. 1. Moneycontrol


3. Capitaline

4. ET Markets

5. StockEdge



MoneyControl One of the most popular stock market app in India. 

Through this app, you can create your watchlist of Stocks to track them anytime anywhere.

You need to login into account to make sure in case you change or factory reset your phone, you don’t have to create the watchlist again.

Keep Abreast with the developments in your stocks.


The app also helps you to track the below:

  1. Corporate Developments (Pic:Moneycontrol-2)

  2. Company financials (Pic:Moneycontrol-3)

  3. Compare Quarterly results (Pic:Moneycontrol-3)



CNBC is a very useful tool to be updated about what’s going around the world. Once you have installed the app, it will ask you whether you want to choose International or US markets. You need to choose an international.

This cool app lets you do the below:

  1. View global market movements

  2. Track Crude Oil, Gold & other commodity prices Global bond yields

  3. Keep abreast with any global news that might impact the market



ET Markets

I would prefer ET Markets over Economic times. The former  ET Markets is way better to track the market than Economic times which is more leaning towards political news.

In this particular app, you can read about the market news as well as view the aggregate of stock market recommendations.

Capitaline                                                                               StockEdge

Part of Capital Markets which also runs a database service provider. Its a paid app with a one-time payment of ₹100/-It gives the daily update of top loser/gainers, market commentary etc

One of the latest entrant to the stock market app club & have got excellent momentum. Cool app to do company analysis. The graphs represent the increasing or decreasing trends.


Shekhar Yadav

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